IMG_5972[1]The day started with a nervous weigh-in: Rather nervous I would still be over the necessary 53kg, but weighed in at a somewhat un-needed 51.9kg! My home scales are clearly not generous!! Not quite as much carb-starvation-hell was needed. Something else I am learning fast.

After avid refuelling with plenty of carbs 3 good clean squats were all in. 60kg, 65kg and 67.5kg. That’s an equal PB so not ideal but not bad given the nerves of the big national competition.

Bench press was unfortunately not as strong as I had hoped. Opened with an easy 42.5kg with the intention of a second at 47.5kg and a third at 50kg. The bench was loaded from it’s top, rather than front rack, causing many lifters to catch the rack with the bar. Attempting to avoid this I moved off-line and missed the second then third lift. Gutted. After many complaints from lifters the rack was changed, but unfortunately, as the first flight of the competition, many of the ladies lifts had already been affected.

Deadlift was strong. Opened with an easy 105kg, next a 115kg (current PB), followed by a clean 117.5kg. Felt strong and could have gone 120kg+, but had my eye on the British Deadlift Record, so saved myself for a fourth lift.

The record stood at 126kg, but my main competitor, an experienced lifter, asked for 126.5kg on her 3rd lift. She took the record before my fourth attempt, leaving me little option but to try for a newer record at 127kg. An extra 12kg on my PB was an ask, but there’s no winning without an attempt! I pulled from the floor, past my knees, then thighs, but the lock out wouldn’t quite come. After a long fight, screamed on from all the female lifters and audience, cramp beat me. I was resigned to the floor for 5 minutes, distraught that the record wasn’t mine. At the time I’d have been happier if the weight had never left the floor, but in hindsight, my deadlift is increasing SO fast – I will have that record in no time!!

A good squat session, PB Deadlift and PB Total of 227.5kg overall.

2nd in my weight category, and over the qualifying total – I WILL BE GOING TO THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!!

Whilst gutted to have had the record I wanted narrowly taken by another lifter, I am confident that I will accelerate massively in strength by our next head-to-head at the Worlds in November. She has lifted from a very young age whilst I have only 6 months behind me. Give me another 6 months and I will SMASH the Deadlift!! Those records are mine 😀