20130525-134818.jpg20130525-140134.jpgThis week has been GOOD. I’ve spent most of it focussing on prep for the Great Britain Powerlifting Federation Divisional Qualifier on the 2nd June. Bench press Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with squats and deadlift alternating. It was nice to have the time to go for a climb on Tuesday too. I haven’t been for over a year and the changes in my body really paid off! I’m 10kg lighter and many times stronger than last time I went up a wall. I was able to start where I left off, feeling that I’d not lost any climbing ability at all! A very satisfying evening.

After a few too many carbs since the BDFPA British, I’ve really cleaned up my diet this week. Back to 6 servings of quality protein a day and more leafy veg. I certainly feel better this week, but that can be expected from a drop in stress, improved diet and focussed training! All up from here 🙂