20130602-235133.jpgWoohoo, good day at the GBPF South West Championships!

Needed a 192.5kg total to qualify for the GBPF British and lifted 237.5kg! 🙂

My squat was relatively poor by my standards: I was quite shaky first thing in the morning, having made weight by dropping over 3kg this week! I managed only 60kg and 65kg when I wanted 67.5kg or 70kg. I certainly wont drink Red Bull in the morning again, I do not require additional adrenaline at competitions – lesson learnt there!

I benched to 47.5kg. As my training best is 50kg it’s frustrating, but my competition PB had been 42.5kg, so it’s a big performance improvement really. That somewhat made up for the poor squat and left me feeling confident.

I killed the deadlift 🙂  105kg felt like nothing, then I equalled my PB at 117.5kg. I followed this with a tidy 125kg. It was great to jump the number up by 7.5kg in one step. That’s 2.2 times my body weight, so starting to become respectable 😀

I took winner of my weight class, woohoo! Having increased my total by 10kg since the my last competition 8 weeks ago, I feel I am making good progress.

Having followed the day’s competing with a lovely BBQ on Bournemouth beach, I am totally exhausted tonight. Time for bed, as I’ll need to be fired up for training again by tomorrow! 😀