MSc Forensic Psychology

2015 University of Portsmouth

»   Forensic Psychology Theory and Practice.
»   Assessment and Intervention with Offenders
»   Investigative Psychology and the Legal Process
»   Research Methods and Data Analysis
»   Research: Barriers to Change in Resistant Offenders

1st Class

Graduate Conversion Diploma in Psychology

2015 University of Winchester

»  Developmental Psychology
»  Psychobiology
»  Personality and Individual Differences
»  Social Psychology
»  Cognitive Psychology
»  Statistics and Applied Statistics
»  Qualitative Research Methods
»  Research: Executive functioning on covert visual attention.

1st Class

Graduate Conversion Certificate in Psychology

2011 London Metropolitan University

»  Developmental Psychology
»  Personality and Social Psychology
»  Cognitive Psychology
»  Biological Bases of Behaviour
»  Psychological Research Methods

1st Class

LLB (honours) Law

2005 University of Southampton

»  Youth Justice
»  Law and Medical Ethics
»  Criminal Law
»  Evidence and Procedure
»  Legal Method
»  Law of Contract
»  Constitutional Law
»  Property Law
»  Restitution
»  Revenue Law
»  Law of Tort
»  Law of the European Union

2nd Class